Terms of Service

Legal Entity and Jurisdiction

This document sets forth the Terms of Service (ToS) for the website and services of Arab SMM, a trading name of Vape Land General Trade, operating under the laws of The Kingdom of Bahrain. Our registered address is:

Shop No. 0
Building No. 1382
Road: 4541
Block: 745
Kindom of Bahrain

By accessing or using the services and products of Arab SMM, you agree to comply with and be bound by these ToS.

Authorization and Use of Content

The accuracy, performance, timeliness, and completeness of the content and tools provided on the Arab SMM website are not guaranteed. Vape Land General Trade accepts no liability for consequences arising from the use of Arab SMM’s content and services. All content on the Arab SMM website is the sole property of Vape Land General Trade, and unauthorized use of this content is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal action.

Access to Third-Party Links

Arab SMM provides links to third-party services as suggestions, not as endorsements. We accept no liability for the use of these links. Upon accessing third-party links, you are subject to the terms and conditions of those services.

Content Use

Information provided by Arab SMM is for informational purposes only and does not constitute advice. The company accepts no responsibility for the use of this information or any consequences thereof. All actions taken based on information from Arab SMM are the responsibility of the user.

Guarantee Conditions

Arab SMM offers a guarantee for delays attributable to our actions or inaction. A full refund of the purchase price may be available under these conditions. This guarantee does not apply to delays caused by factors outside our control and may be withdrawn at our discretion.

Denial of Service

Arab SMM reserves the right to deny service to anyone suspected of fraudulent or unethical activities and to report such activities to the relevant authorities. This may include withholding funds and canceling services.

Retention Guarantee/Warranty

Our retention guarantee covers replacements for lost followers, likes, views, and plays for 60 days post-fulfillment, subject to the terms herein. Breach of these ToS voids this guarantee.

Social Media Accounts

Arab SMM is not responsible for actions taken by social media networks, including account suspensions or terminations. Users accept the risk of changes in social media terms of service.

Data Modification

Customers must not alter their social media accounts or content during active campaigns with Arab SMM. Any such alterations that affect service delivery may lead to order cancellation and forfeiture of fees.

Third-Party Marketing Campaigns

Concurrent marketing campaigns not managed by Arab SMM can affect our service outcomes. We accept no responsibility for such interferences and may claim credit for combined campaign benefits.

Queries and Concerns

For any questions regarding these ToS, please contact Arab SMM before using our website or services.

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